Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My T-Shirt Speaks the Truth

Now that I've got my unread books all nice and neat on shelves instead of lying in random piles around the bedroom, I went through and counted them all.

The total? 522.

And that's after getting rid of a couple of books I turned out to have duplicate copies of and culling out a few that I know for a rock-solid fact I'm never actually going to want to read.[*] Sigh. And here I thought I was making progress...

[*]That took some internal debate, let me tell you. "Hey," says part of my brain, "I have every intention of reading that!"

"You've had every intention of reading it since high school!" says the sensible part of the brain. "It's not going to happen!"

"Yes, but..."

"It's a textbook! It's a quarter-century out of date!"

"Yes but..."

"I'm taking it off the pile."

"I'll cry!"

"Fine, cry. But you'll have to do it internally, because at the moment, I have control of the body! Bwahahahahaha!" And it removes the books from the pile and puts them in closet while the other part is busy sulking.

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