Friday, May 06, 2005

He Was Brought Across in 1228, Preyed on Humans for Their Nummy Circulatory Fluid, But Now He Feels All Bad About It and Stuff...

So, during the times when I wasn't frantically unpacking over the last few weeks, I did finally manage to finish watching through the first season of Forever Knight on DVD. And, I gotta say, that show... was not nearly as good as I remembered it. It's often rather sloppily edited. They didn't exactly manage to consistently get Canada's finest actors for the guest roles. It's a little too clearly designed to appeal to the late-night sex'n'violence crowd. Those deep thoughtful examinations of the issues of guilt and redemption and stuff aren't quite as deep and thoughtful as I remembered them being. And the plots tend to be a bit repetitive.

And yet, I did enjoy it, enough that I'll probably pick up season 2 in the not-too-distant future. If nothing else, the main actors/characters make it worthwhile. I'd happily watch 45 minutes of Geraint Wyn Davies doing his laundry, to be honest, and Nigel Bennett was just born to play Evil. Natalie's awfully likeable, too, and there's just something bizarrely cute and cuddly about Schanke. Plus, yeah, there's at least an attempt at thought-provoking thematic content, some cool Vampire Cop Action, a certain appealing stylishness, and lots of flashbacks to pretty people in pretty period costumes.

I really wish they'd included some decent extras on the DVDs, though. Or, y'know, any extras at all.

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