Tuesday, May 10, 2005

And It's Time Again for the Monthly What's-Up-Now? Meme

Current clothes: Blue jeans (which are really quite baggy on me since I lost weight). My black "so many books, so little time" t-shirt. Black belt with silver stars on it. Black socks.

Current mood: Not bad. I dunno, though, I've still got that slightly melancholy feeling that's been lingering since I've finished unpacking. I've discovered, much to my surprise, that, being in this big (OK, bigger) house by myself, I'm feeling something almost completely unfamiliar to me: loneliness. I don't quite understand that, because the last thing on Earth that I want (other than a terminal disease) is a housemate. Eh, I'm sure it'll pass.

Current music: I think the last album I listened to was They Might Be Giants' Flood.

Current annoyance: There are roaches in this house, damn it. I'm debating what to do about that. I'm reluctant to use poison because I'm afraid the cats will get into it.

Current thing: Computer Boggle. Having completed my three weeks of frenzied house-moving activity, I find that I am feeling all lethargic and unmotivated, and that I really don't want to do much of anything but play computer Boggle all day. It's probably just as well that I'm back at work now, really.

Current desktop picture: It's still the same Battlestar Galactica picture. Time to change it!

Current song in head: Ye gods. I just stopped and listened, and apparently it's The Brady Kids singing "Time to Change." Man, oh, man, the inside of my head scares me sometimes.

Current book: The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. Took me a while to decide whether I liked it or not, but at this point, I've become really absorbed.

Current video in player: I think I stuck a tape with a Battlestar Galactica episode on it in to make sure it was working when I hooked it back into the TV, but nothing since then.

Current DVD in player: Most recently, a rental copy of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it managed to capture the spirit of the books.

Current refreshment: Irish breakfast tea.

Current worry: I've got a couple of people who expressed an interest in buying my trailer, but I haven't heard from them in a couple of days. Not a worry, exactly, but something that's on my mind that I'd like to get dealt with soon.

Current thought: The Brady Kids?!

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