Monday, May 23, 2005

Search Request Weekly

OK, it's roughly weekly...

  • arwen galadriel eowyn sex: Keep dreamin', fanboy.

  • rassilon t-shirt: Ah, yes, one of the lesser-known ancient Gallifreyan artifacts: The T-Shirt of Rassilon!

  • grannys kicking in guys nuts: Remind me not to mess with Granny.

  • humor: verbosity: Are you intimating that my verbosity is a laughing matter?

  • jealousy and envy in The Great Gatsby: Well, I envied people who weren't forced to read it...

  • halloween costumes cop walkie: I have this image now of a cop on a leash. Come on, officer! Time for walkies! And, oh, god, I'm going to get hits for "cop on a leash" now, I just know it. Especially since I just used it twice.

  • grogginess oversleeping: Yeah, it'll do that to you.

  • "real life castaways": Is it just me, or is "castaway" kind of a cruel word? You're not just shipwrecked, you're cast away, like the world doesn't want you. That's just adding insult to injury, if you ask me.

  • maximum girls next door contest: All I can think of is Tarrant telling Servalan that if she were the girl next door, he'd move... next door. Silly man. (This has been your obligatory Blake's 7 reference for the post.)

  • eleven nude 01 mpg: Is that some kind of secret code?

  • the use of adjectives in Under the volcano by Malcolm lowry: Adjectives are used by Malcolm Lowry in Under the Volcano to modify nouns. Hope that helps.

  • black socks camp songs bus mp3: We mostly just sang "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" on the camp bus when I was a kid.

  • bunion chat line: Bunions have chat lines?!

  • Sue Mulder Parrothead: David Duchovny is being sued by Jimmy Buffett fans?

  • "star Trek porn" cartoon: Because the cat-chick and the guy with three arms deserve porn, too!

  • farscape die me dichotomy lyrics: I don't think there was a lot of singing in that episode...

  • I met him in a swamp down in Degobah: Where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda!

  • tasha yar ascii art: If I had any artistic skills at all, I'd make a little ascii drawing of Dead Tasha with little Xs for eyes.

  • strengths and weaknesses of martian clocks: OK, this would make an awesome title for a science fiction story.

  • porno DK 70-80: It says something about me that the only thing this makes me think of is porn staring DK from Farscape at the age of 75.

  • "geeky girls" nude: Well, I can't fault their taste.

  • i'm not gay i sell propane t-shirt: Are those two things mutually exclusive? (Actually, that sounds like it's got to be a King of the Hill quote. Is it? If it's not, it should be.)

  • self bondage itching powder: Don't you think you're taking this masochism thing a little too far? Stick with the nipple clamps, dude. (Oh, great. Now I'm gonna get searches for "cop on a leash"+"nipple clamps.")

  • Elvish translator: Now, that's a job you don't see in the "help wanted" ads much.

  • "literary analysis" Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The answer is 42.

  • "Doctor Who" fanfiction penis: "Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with His Penis!"

  • dick tracy whoever controls magnetism controls the world: Why aren't we all bowing down to Magneto, then?

  • stark trekkin: "...across the universe, ferrying the dead people just like he was a hearse!"

  • why was anthem by ayn rand written in austere style: Because Rand was entirely lacking in literary talent?

  • indecent grandmom: Well, if she's going around kicking guys in the nuts, I guess so!

  • fixing swamp coolers: Sigh. If you know how, tell me. Mine worked for about 24 hours and quit.

  • "condom quote": Ah, if condoms could only speak...

  • ticklish "wizard of oz": Pay no attention to the frantic giggling behind the curtain!

  • yoda + sleep in the wet spot wav: There are some things I simply do not wish to know about, and I think Yoda's sex life falls in that category.

  • how to distinguish an INFJ: Give them a personality test?

  • Michael Crichton INTJ: So, how did you distinguish him?

  • Wow. That was even more full of obscurely geeky references than usual. I feel like I ought to offer some kind of prize to anybody who actually gets 'em all.

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    1. Actually, "'Doctor Who' fanfiction penis' is probably referring to the Vervoids.