Friday, May 13, 2005

I Like Stuff.

One of the cool things about moving into a new house is that it gives you an excuse to buy stuff. I got three packages in the mail yesterday, containing the following nifty items:

An air cleaner. OK, that's not actually all that nifty. But it is useful. I had one of these in the trailer, and I think it did help a bit with the cat hair and the dust that cause my respiratory system to go haywire. One was barely adequate for the trailer, though, and there's no way it was going to be effective on this entire house. So I now have one in the computer room and one in the kitchen, pretty much on exact opposite ends of the house.

A framed print of M.C. Escher's "Relativity," which is now hanging in the bedroom. Yes, apparently the extent to which my tastes in decor have changed as I evolve from College Student to Independent Homeowner is that now my geeky posters are in frames! Well, one of 'em is, anyway. I really need to get a frame for my Procrastination poster. Actually, I need to replace my Procrastination poster, 'cause it's gotten kind of battered. I'm disturbingly tempted by the professionally framed version, but is there any way on Earth I can justify paying $100 for a poster?

A rolling library stool. This is the niftiest item of all. Seriously, I have no idea why, but I've always kind of wanted one of these. And I now have all my as-yet-unread books on the built-in shelves in the workroom, some of which are just a little hard to reach... So it gave me an excuse. And my home is now one step closer to being indistinguishable from a library.

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