Sunday, November 07, 2004

This Again

Oh, look, it's another meme. A recurring meme, even.

Current clothes: Tan jeans. A t-shirt from Weird Al Yankovic's latest tour, featuring the cover of his most recent album (a picture of Al standing in a subway car with a poodle on his head). But you can't see the t-shirt, because there's a gray sweatshirt over it, with a zippered collar and the emblem of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on the breast. Oh, and I'm wearing white tube socks. No shoes.

Current mood: Kinda bleh. I've got to go to work in about half an hour, and I'm already sleepy. I got a lot of stuff accomplished this weekend, which is nice, but now my brain's all fuzzy and I'm tired, and I'm really not ready for a night shift.

Current music: I was mostly recently listening to a random playlist on the mp3 player. Which tossed up "Carnlough Bay" by the Battlefield Band, a short interview with Gene Roddenberry, a bunch of reels by Altan, "Txalaparta" by the Chieftains, and "Gridlock" by the Pogues. Apparently it was on a bit of a Celtic kick...

Current annoyance: Having to go to work. I really am so not ready for a night shift. I barely made it past midnight last night.

Current thing: Spending way too damn much time in front of the computer. Still.

Current desktop picture: A very, very cool Farscape wallpaper featuring Stark, which was made for me by a Scaper who thought she owed me a favor.

Current song in head: There've been a bunch of 'em today. "Uninvited" by Alanis Morisette was getting a lot of brain-play earlier, but it seems to have faded now.

Current book: How to Be a Villain by Neil Zawacki, a book which features such useful self-help hints as "Best Times to Use Your Evil Laugh."

Current video in player: None at the moment, but most recently a tape I was copying Farscape episodes onto. As I usually am.

Current DVD in player: Disc one of The Simpsons season 4.

Current refreshment: Mint tea.

Current worry: How hard it's gonna be to stay awake through my shift.

Current thought: That there's a miniscule chance I might get to go home early. *crosses fingers and hopes*

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