Thursday, November 11, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Oh, OK, I stopped playing Rack Attack long enough to do this:

  • ragan diet: I don't like to think of myself as having a "diet." I much prefer the term "lifestyle change." Not that I'm any good at it.

  • how to apply a fantsy makeup: First, decide on your fantasy...

  • "movie captures" t'pol: I wasn't aware she was in a movie. Or did Enterprise somehow transition to the big screen while I wasn't looking?

  • tinhg weird science: That's sometinhg weird all right...

  • Levity mood-elevating formula shopping: Many people seem to find that shopping elevates their mood.

  • mudding party pics: Because people who never get invited to real parties can still party in muds. (And, yeah, I know, like I'm one to talk...)

  • nude pics of female twi'lek from star wars: Alas, I fear I shall lose all of my geek cred, but I must admit that I don't even know what species that is, let alone have nude pics of them.

  • poison harveys boobs: Wow. Um... Poor Harvey, I guess.

  • nude arctic: Brrr!

  • thanksgiving holiday nude pics: Because nothing says "warm family holiday" like naughty pictures.

  • farscape chiana hairstyle: I think you pretty much have to be Nebari to pull that one off.

  • pics of wreck trucks as a result of D.W.I: I imagine they look pretty much like trucks wrecked as a result of anything else, really.

  • Grannys weblog ever own free of charge weblog: Granny's a bit forgetful these days and tends not to remember what words she's already typed.

  • prehistory porn thumbs: Well, hey, who knows what cavemen found sexy?

  • defintion cheapskate: Somebody too stingy to pay for an extra "i"?
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