Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Everybody Complains About the Weather...

OK, remember that rain we had on the weekend that made me feel all lazy-weekend-tucked-up-at-home-snug-and-happy? Yeah, well, too much of a good thing, yadda, yadda... Enough is enough already! We've been having light-to-moderate rain off and on for days now, which is really unusual for New Mexico, and it's starting to annoy me, mainly because it's turned the unpaved trailer park I live in into one vast field of sucking mud. Which is actually somewhat better than the flooding we've had here in the past due to severe downpours, but, honestly, it's just the difference between living in a swamp and living in a bog. I have to put on boots just to go out to my car (and thus change in and out of my regular shoes whenever I leave the house), and every time I go out, I wonder if I'm going to make it, or if this is going to be the time I get stuck and/or skid into something.

Stupid rain. Stupid mud.

Fortunately, it looks like it's finally beginning to clear up a tiny bit, and if I remember the forecast, it's supposed to be sunny later in the week. I wonder how long it's going to take for all this stuff to dry out?

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