Sunday, November 28, 2004

A Couple More Babylon 5 Thoughts

1. Vir is a sweetie, and I wish to give him a hug.

2. In an early season three episode, there's a scene where a character is looking for some information. He tells the computer what he wants, and it responds that the data search will take four hours. And I can't help but think, man, search engine technology has improved since that was written. Yeah, OK, doubtless the B5 computer has a lot more data to search through than Google does. But it's also got to be much, much faster, doesn't it? And the guy did have darned good keywords, and he was looking for something that would have been on the major news feeds...

And, hey, speaking of news feeds, it also strikes me as slightly... old-fashioned?... that the B5 crew gets all their Earth-related news from the ISN TV network. Which, of course, is important, because ISN's information is incomplete and biased. And I can't help but think... There aren't any bloggers in 2060? Or anything equivalent?

It's amazing the things that make a show start to feel dated...

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