Thursday, November 25, 2004

Before I Head Off to Eat Turkey, It's Yet Another Search Request Thursday!

  • Garp model, alien species, 2004: I dunno, I hear this year's alien species models are mostly inferior to last year's.

  • boardgames cowboy trails: Step in a cowpat, lose a turn? Sounds exciting.

  • personality self-test and science/psychology behind it: Some of those things have very little science behind 'em.

  • nevil shute on the beach well known scripts: Well, there was a movie version. I suppose the script for that qualifies as moderately well known.

  • tokyo get to poesy everybody on the floor: Sounds like a wacky new dance craze!

  • "dean koontz" "mary sue": Well, his characters do often tend to be horror writers, don't they?

  • dargo trade: Hmm, all right, I'll trade D'Argo for, um, Pilot and Stark. That's probably a favorable exchange at the going rate.

  • Mary Shelley Frankenstein inspired science fiction cloning robots nature: I think you'll find that a hell of a lot of SF on those subjects was inspired (or at least influenced) by Frankenstein in one fashion or another.

  • children's book danny the spaceboy: Damn, that sounds familiar. Now it's going to bother me, wondering where I know that from.

  • watchable NUDE PICS: As opposed to the unwatchable ones, which I really don't even want to think about.

  • annoying grey frog moped: Yeah, those frogs on mopeds annoy the hell out of me, too. They cut through traffic, they never signal their turns... They make those disgusting "croak" noises...

  • blake dream: I've had dreams about Blake. And many other interesting science fiction characters.

  • star wars tpol pics: Wait, T'Pol's on Star Wars now? Man, that Vulcan gets around!

  • gigi edgley's sister: I don't even know if she has a sister, but I guarantee you, if she does, she's out of your league, as well.

  • mummy coaster pov videos: Which, if you are prone to motion sickness (and British), will make you cry, "Mummy!"

  • frodo no resist of ticklish image: Ah, if only Sauron had known Frodo's weakness, that pesky war need never have happened at all.
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