Sunday, November 28, 2004

Babbling On

I'm now just about exactly halfway through season 3 of Babylon 5. And I have a few completely random comments. (Warning: Spoilers ahoy!)

"Point of No Return" and "Severed Dreams," which feature the climax of the Earth civil war in the secession of Babylon 5, is some really exciting television. I mean, I'm not normally all that interested in space battles, but, man.

I like Marcus. He's fun. There's something about his wild, wicked, off-the-wall sense of humor that contrasts with his voice and appearance in a way that weirds me out a little, but I like it.

Londo Mollari probaly has the single most interesting character arc of any TV character, ever. Also, it still continually amuses me to listen to him talk.

Thus endeth the random comments. Onward to the second half!

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