Thursday, November 18, 2004

Search Request Thursday

  • venture brothers pics naked: From what I've seen of that show, I don't want to see any of those characters naked. Well, maybe the blond guy.

  • song with stepping into the twilight zone: That would be "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring. You're welcome.

  • lemony snicket ticklish: Yes, it's probably one of the ways he's been tortured...

  • friar tuck emoticon: Does it have one of those cute little monk haircuts? (What is that called? A tonsure?)

  • compare fifth business to catcher in the rye: Can't. Haven't read either of 'em. Sorry.

  • "On The Road" plot diagram jack kerouac: I haven't read On the Road, either, but I'm a little surprised to hear that it has a plot.

  • dental monolog pics funny: 'Cause dentistry is just inherently funny.

  • music video harry/legolas: OK, that's gotta involve some creative editing.

  • description of the setting for congo by michael crichton: Er... Wasn't it set in the Congo?

  • "Tyr Anasazi" pics sexy: OK, now, that's just redundant.

  • old cruiseline ticket stubs: People collect odd things...

  • respiratory system of the fricken human nose: I think somebody's suffering from a cold/allergies. Man, I know how it is.

  • grumpy and betty boob: Ah, yes, the Boobs. Nice couple.

  • fanfic: clothespins: Wow, people really will write fanfic for absolutely anything these days.

  • when does raw hamburger spoil in the fridge: Dude, there are things growing on that! Throw it out!

  • "garak" "pregnant" "bashir" -"episode guide": Don't want to accidentally get search results involving any actual episodes where Garak and Bashir get pregnant...

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