Thursday, November 04, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Here we go again...

  • alan rickman and sex: Well, those are two good things...

  • campbell's iq shelf system: The smart way to shelve soup!

  • "memorized" "It by Stephen King": That's quite an impressive feat, though I can't help but think that the amount of brain space that would take could be put to far better use.

  • silly facts about sheep: Heh. Make your own joke about that one.

  • a list of dinosaurs and correct spellings: As opposed to all those clearly-labelled lists of incorrectly spelled dinosaurs...

  • how to consieve as a teenager: My suggestion would be: don't. At least not until you've learned how to spell it.

  • innocent angels pics: Sure, they look innocent, but they're all plotting behind your back!

  • mouse and plunger joke exe: Aw, I want to hear the joke.

  • sound card correlator leak: The correlator I run doesn't have a sound card, but I have seen the air conditioning unit that keeps it cool leaking.

  • amusingly idiosyncratic definitions: I probably have a few of those...

  • simpsons - don't blame me i voted for kodos t-shirt: That really does seem like an apt quote at the moment, doesn't it?

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