Sunday, February 01, 2004

How Can Anything Be Simultaneously This Frustrating and This Reassuring?

Farscape creator Rocke S. O'Bannon stopped by the Save Farscape website to offer up the following, er, announcement:

Hi WatchFarscapers,

A quick shout out from the fringes of the Uncharteds -- just to say a loud and sustained Thank You for your continuing passion for and efforts on behalf of The Little SF Show That Could. As I mentioned at the Farscape Con in Burbank, David Kemper and I spent last Fall working on a secret project -- well, the most unsecret of secret projects. And though I cannot confirm or deny anything, let's just say that your undying efforts to keep awareness of a certain television series alive within the entertainment community is the singular reason why a particular unnamed project is now halfway through production. On behalf of everyone currently working on -- oops, almost said it! -- well, on behalf of everybody working on SOMETHING down in Sydney, Australia, a resounding Thank You. Here's hoping you'll all be pleased with the fruits of your efforts.


God damn, but I wish I knew why all the secrecy. And, oh, yeah, and: WHOO-FRELLING-HOO!

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