Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Can We Just Declare This Week Over?

I was up way too late last night. (Note to self: stop hanging out on the internet so much with people who are in completely different time zones or have radically different sleep schedules.) Once I did go to bed, I had some trouble sleeping. And then my alarm clock didn't go off in the morning, apparently because I forgot to set it. D'oh!

I woke up at about 7:30 (rather amazingly, all things considered) to the sudden realization that the light was all wrong. Which was, of course, because I should have been awake half an hour before, being as I was supposed to be in to work at 7:45. I called the guy I was relieving and told him I'd be late, grabbed a quick shower, spent an annoying five minutes or so scraping ice off my car, and made it in by 8:05.

The temptation to call in sick instead of late was very, very great, as my allergies are acting up and, between that and the lack of sleep, I feel pretty crappy. But I was a good girl and came in anyway.

Stupid work ethic. I blame my parents.

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