Friday, February 13, 2004

Aaaaaargh, Continued

Just retrieved my car from where I had to abandon it last night. And it's looking like maybe I didn't abandon it soon enough, because now it's doing this weird thing where the steering wheel keeps pulsing and twitching under my hand. I'm not sure what happened... I did hit a curb reasonably hard at one point while I was sliding around, but there didn't (and still doesn't) appear to be any visible damage. I really hope I didn't fuck up my transmission somehow trying to get traction on the ice. That'd seriously annoy me.

I've already made arrangements to take it into the shop on Monday for some body work related to that fender-bender I had a while ago. That's in Los Lunas, though, and now I'm a little worried about driving it that far. Well, aside from the steering wheel shaking, it seems to be doing OK. The vehicle's certainly controllable. With any luck it won't break down on me on the way to the mechanic's.

I wonder if this place I'm taking it do just does body work, or whether I can have them look at this at the same time? If not, I guess I'll have to take it in, get the body work done, bring it back, and take it into my regular mechanic here.

Oh, geez, this is gonna cost me a fortune. Especially as some of the work I'm already having done on it is old stuff my insurance isn't paying for.


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