Friday, February 13, 2004

OK, This Goes Beyond Weather.

Aaargh! There are times when I hate New Mexico!

So, OK, it snowed pretty much all day; not hard, but steady. Accumulation on the ground, circa two inches.

Two inches of snow in New Mexico, and civilization grinds to a halt.

I got off work at midnight and made the mistake of trying to drive home. Yeah, I knew the conditions were bad. Yeah, I knew the roads would be icy. I did not expect to be driving over a solid sheet of ice. They hadn't even salted the damn roads. Anywhere. I nearly burned out my transmission trying to get up a hill, slid uncontrollably into a curb twice, and finally, about halfway home, decided the only remotely safe thing to do would be to abandon the car and walk. In the snow.

Aaaaargh. I'm still cold.

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