Saturday, February 07, 2004

Let's Do This Again.

Current clothes: Light gray New Mexico Tech sweatshirt (which proudly proclaims NMT's centennial, ("1889-1989"), so you know it's an old shirt). Under that is a black t-shirt with a complicated oval Celtic-knot kind of pattern and the word "Ireland" over it in gold. I bought it in Ireland (duh). Dark gray sweats. White socks. White sneakers.

Current mood: Not too bad, considering that I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night.

Current music: Currently in the stereo are This Is Spinal Tap and the Lexx: The Series soundtrack.

Current hair: Desperately in need of a cut.

Current annoyance: My respiratory system. The inside of my nose is too dry, and the inside of my lungs is too damp. And I'm sure you were just dying to know that...

Current thing: Growing more certain every day that what I really want out of life is to be a brain in a jar hooked up to the internet.

Current desktop picture: This picture of the surface of Mars, as taken by NASA's Spirit Rover.

Current song in head: "Love" by John Lennon.

Current book: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

Current video in player: Nothing currently in the VCR. Currently in the DVD player is disc one of The Simpsons Season 3. Currently in the DVD drive on the computer is the Farscape disc with "Nerve" and "The Hidden Memory," because I keep going back and watching bits of those episodes for some reason.

Current refreshment: Licorice spice tea.

Current worry: The zillion and one things I'm supposed to be doing but have been repeatedly neglecting.

Current thought: Hey, I wonder if I have any new e-mail? Not that I've answered the old e-mail yet...

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