Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Sick. And Still Bitching About It.

Rather than getting better, I appear to have entered Phase II, which involves a complete inability to breathe, and what is quite possibly the greatest sinus pain I have ever experienced.

So far, I kind of hate 2010.


  1. I'm sorry. This sounds like it's turned really nasty. I'm just glad that you managed to pick up some supplies on Friday. I hope you've got enough things in to keep you going.

    At this rate, I'm guessing that the oral surgeon tomorrow is out of the question? :-(

  2. I'm glad I was able to get out and get some supplies, too. Though I'm sitting here thinking that I should really eat some soup, and just not getting around to it. It's terrible when you're simultaneously hungry and not very interested in food.

    I am at least feeling a lot better than this morning -- annoyingly, congestion and sinus pain always seem to be worst when you're trying to sleep -- and I am bound and determined to keep my appointment tomorrow. Right now, I feel like I could be vaguely semi-functional if I really had to be -- I don't seem to have a fever any more, at least. But I don't want to be. Tomorrow, alas, I have to be. Bleh. Well, I'll try not to breathe on the guy. Hopefully he'll be looking at x-rays more than at my mouth.

  3. I'm glad that you're improving. Both food and sleep would help, I imagine, but it sounds like things are conspiring against you on both fronts...

    Good for you, if you can make the appointment. Good luck, and I hope you can make it without winding up feeling completely wiped out by the end of it.

  4. I did end up getting a reasonable amount of sleep, at least. I woke up at 2 AM, was up for a while, took decongestants and ibuprofen, and was able to sleep for a few more hours.

    As for food, I have decided that my stomach, which claims it is starving, now wins out over my brain, which just wants the stomach to leave it alone so it can doze on the couch. (I tried that, brain! You were supposed to fall asleep, but you didn't!) Alas, I had a great craving for French toast suddenly and was all set to make some, since it doesn't require that much more effort than heating up soup, but then I discovered that my remaining bread was moldy. I cannot win.

    And I have no doubt that the drive will kind of wipe me out tomorrow. Hell, I find it weirdly tiring even when I'm healthy. But if I can just make it up there and back, I can crash on the sofa for the rest of the week if I really have to. I just really need to get this damned surgery scheduled. Although it's going to have to wait until after I'm better, of course. Which is assuming that this cold or whatever it is doesn't turn into bronchitis and linger. Which is usually what happens to me.