Saturday, January 09, 2010

Look How Far We Are Into January Already!

Current clothes: It's sitting-around-in-front-of-the-computer-after-my-shower-wearing-a-towel time again! (Update: That was getting chilly, so in the middle of writing this post I got up and put on clothes. I am now wearing black sweatpants and a t-shirt that says, "WILL WORK FOR BOOKS." Also, slippers shaped like penguins.)

Current mood: More or less OK, except I have this weird (but, for me, not at all infrequent) conflict in my brain, where something in there is going, "Oh, god, we have stuff to do today! When will it get done?!" and something else is rolling its eyes and responding with, "Dude! It's minor, unimportant stuff, and it will take very little time! We have all day! Will you just freaking relax?!"

Current music: Most recently, Parachutes by Coldplay. I got it for free through some promotional thing on Amazon.

Current annoyance: You know what hurts? When you have a nervous cat on your lap and the doorbell rings. *rubs at gouges on thigh*

Current thing: Books! With the new year, I am determined to read more books, better books, longer books, more diverse books! I am determined to cut the Book Pile down to size! Really! Except, um, it's not really working out that way so far...

Current desktop picture: This image of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Maybe if I spend enough time looking at it, I'll find myself getting used to the new guy. Although, man, that picture does highlight the fact that, age aside, this is pretty much the least radical appearance change he's ever had between regenerations. I know some people have complained about that. But it suddenly occurs to me that, hey, I could make an argument for an interesting possible in-universe explanation for that. Which I won't get into here, because it's spoilery.

Current book: I've just started Experimental Man: What One Man's Body Reveals about His Future, Your Health, and Our Toxic World by David Ewing Duncan, in which the author undergoes every medical test known to man and reports back on the results.

Current song in head: "The Traveler" by The Alan Parsons Project, which is simply the middle link in a persistent chain of associations. I just recently read a (very tiny) book with the same title, which keeps making me think of the song. And the song always makes me think of Doctor Who. Admittedly, many things make me think of Doctor Who...

Current DVD in player: Disc 1 of season 3 of Slings & Arrows, a rather wonderful Canadian show about eccentric theater people, one of whom is, in fact, dead.

Current refreshment: I can still taste toothpaste.

Current worry: I don't so much have specific worries at the moment, as vague, freeform anxieties.

Current thought: Is that a cat hair on my computer screen? *blows on screen* Yep. It was.


  1. I thought the first couple of seasons of Slings & Arrows were its best, but agreed on its being a terrific little show.

  2. I'm only two episodes into season 3. So far, it does seem a little bit weaker than the first two, but still well worth watching.

  3. I'm glad it's not just me who does that sitting-at-the-computer-after-a-shower thing. "Oh, I'll just see if any e-mail has come in," I say - and 30 minutes later, I'm still there...

    If you ever want to go into your DW explanation, do feel free! :-)

  4. I do that all the time. I live in a very dry climate, so instead of wasting time drying off, I just throw on a towel, and after a little web-surfing, I'm dry. :)

    As for the DW theory...

    SPOILERS for "The End of Time"!

    What I figure is, we know it's possible to control how a regeneration comes out, because we've seen Romana do it, not to mention the Time Lords offering a choice of faces in "The War Games." Admittedly, the Doctor never seems to have any control at all, but this one went very, very slowly, so maybe that's less true this time. And given how extremely reluctant poor number Ten was to change, I could easily imagine him exerting some (probably subconscious) influence keeping himself at least looking vaguely similar.

  5. I wondered whether Ten's last line was in your mind. But I'd forgotten about Romana just then - yes, that was a degree of control that the Doctor never seems to have managed! Though I seem to remember that the Doctor's reaction suggested that what she did wasn't difficult; it just wasn't *done*.

    Looks aside, though, I can't imagine that the events of 'The End of Time' won't change him to some degree.

  6. It might be both difficult and not done. There were, after all, a lot of things Romana was better than him at. :)

    But in any case, I'm sure there is change in the air. (And not a moment to soon, to quote an earlier incarnation. Ten was lovely in many respects, but IMO, he needed regeneratin'.)

  7. Eleven seems to be smiling, compared to Ten. Side note: if acting groups (such as the Emmies and Oscars and their British counterparts) gave awards for staring, Tennant would win hands-down.

  8. It's true. He could have a great professional career in staring. Maybe entering staring contests...