Friday, January 15, 2010

Urge To Kill... Rising...

Sure enough, I sat by the phone all morning and waited for the Horizon Fitness folks to call back and talk me through troubleshooting this damned machine, and as soon as I left for lunch, they called back and left the same damned callback number, which sent me to the same damned recording.

Dear Horizon: "We'll call you back in the next 24 hours" is not fucking specific enough! Yes, yes, I know I didn't give you my cell phone number, but this is something I have to be at home for! I am a human being with a life, goddamn it! I have other things to do besides sitting around waiting for you to deign to talk to me, especially since the one and only time I got to talk to a human being, he couldn't fucking help me because helping me wasn't his job. I know it's January and people are buying a lot of fitness equipment and stuff, but this is beyond ridiculous. Dudes! Put me on hold for an hour! I don't care! Just stop doing this to me.

Also, I have been reading up on wisdom tooth extraction a little bit, and I do not like anything I have read.

Well, at least I just had a very nice lunch. *waves gratefully at Captain C*


  1. I'm sorry, I'm only just catching up on this saga, and GAH! I love the Internet, and that things can be done online, and over the phone. But I hate the fact that, so often, when you actually need help, it turns into this kind of nightmare.

    I hope you can talk to someone soon - someone who can actually help...

  2. I much prefer doing things online than over the phone, myself. Maybe I should have looked into sending them e-mail, but I don't think that would have gone any better, especially as the idea, I think -- I hope! -- is to actually talk me through things. Of course, if there really is something seriously broken, I'm going to have to deal with a service person in person eventually, anyway. And they're going to have to come here, because the machine's too heavy to transport.

    Sigh. It's not like this is a huge big deal, I guess. It'd be so much worse if the problem were with heat or plumbing or something critical like that. But I just hate dealing with this kind of hassle, and this was so not the best week for it.

    Anyway, thanks. I'm sure it'll get sorted out eventually, but I'm not taking any bets as to when.

  3. No, it's not a huge deal, in that it doesn't threaten your health, or anything like that. But it takes time and energy, and when you're short of both, it's frustrating to have to use them on something like this - and even more when it feels as though it's being made more difficult than it should have to be. I'm sorry. Let us know what happens...

  4. Aww, thanks. Just having the sympathy is nice. :)

    I'll keep you all posted!

  5. Ok, so then if I laugh at this it makes me look bad compared to Paul?

  6. Wisdom teeth out isn't so bad. Honest. All mine are gone and it was fine.

    I have to say - we splurged on a Nordic trak machine and they rock. Customer service is exceptional...ours arrived damaged and after a quick inspection at the house theysent us a new one.
    It'll be worth it when you hav eit all together and can use it.
    Exercise burns stress...:)

  7. I think that's part of what's so frustrating... I could really use this machine for burning off some stress, but instead it's doing nothing for creating more stress. :)

    Ah, well. Hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

    But, man, I wish I'd had your Nordic Trak recommendation before I bought this thing... No matter how good the machine turns out to be, I'm totally advising anybody who asks to avoid Horizon just for the customer service suckitude.

  8. Betty, I've been meaning to send you a little something to help fix the treadmill, but I just can't seem to find a box big enough for a sledgehammer.

    Sorry about that. XD

    --Sue F.

    (Seriously, sorry to hear that life's being such a bi-o-tch right now. Hope things straighten out for you soon. :) )

  9. LOL! Thanks for the laugh. :)

    This week is already better than last week. Although they still haven't called me...

  10. Then there was the time that I had to call tech support for my computer, and my phone was in the next room, and I stretched the cord to its maximum while the guy (who sounded Indian) tried to talk me through it.

    Get all your wisdom teeth removed in one operation. You do not want to go through that twice. On the brighter side, whatever the oral surgeon injected me with gave me the best sleep I've ever had, and I didn't really need the pain pills but took them anyway (or I didn't hurt because I was taking the pills as instructed). Plus, a couple days of lying down will give you extra time to read! I ushered at church the day after my operation and gave a school presentation the day after that, but I suggest you wait two weeks (instead of one) before you try playing trumpet again.

  11. I am going to get them all out at once. I don't really think the top ones need to be removed, but the dentist does, and if I'm doing it, I guess I might as well be thorough. Plus, my insurance apparently won't pay for general anesthetic if you have less than two teeth out, and if someone's going to be cutting into my gums, I'd rather not be there for it. (Unless nitrous oxide is an option. Nitrous oxide is nice, and makes me not care what anybody is doing to me. :))

    I am a little worried, though... Different people have very different experiences and recovery times, but they do say it's usually a lot easier if you have it done when you're younger. As in early-20s younger. That's what I get for procrastinating, I guess.

    And I'll keep it in mind about the trumpet. :)