Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thoughts For The Day

1. The problem with 1960s special effects is that when the monster is actually supposed to be a guy in a rubber suit, you have to go to rather a lot of trouble to make this clear.

2. Arguing with people on the internet, no matter how full you are of righteous indignation, never, ever, ever leads to anything satisfying. This is worth remembering, and yet depressingly easy to forget.

3. Thoughts for the day somehow feel as if they ought to come in threes.


  1. #1 - That's the reason that later Scooby-Doo writers were painted into a corner, when those "meddling kids" encountered creepies they thought were guys in rubber suits but turned out not to be.

    #2 - Er. Um.

    #3 - Oh, demmit. Now I need two more thoughts today. Gee, thanks.

  2. I've heard that in the Scooby-Do movies, the monsters or ghosts or whatever were actually real. I object to this most strenuously.