Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First Random Links Of The Year!

Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2009: The Bad Astronomer presents his top ten space images for the past year. As always, these are both informative and pretty.

The Known Universe by AMNH: Speaking of space, here's an amazing video tour of the entire universe. My own reaction to this one was interesting. I love the idea of exploring space, and yet, at some point here, my little monkey hindbrain started screaming, "Too far! Too far from home! Go back!"

Star Wars Weather Forecast: An entertainingly geeky way of reporting the weather. (Hint: try entering nonsense, or a place that doesn't exist. The results are amusing.)

Simon's Cat 'Snow Business' (Part 1): A new Simon's Cat video! These are always adorable.

The Master's Facebook Page and The Doctor's Facebook Page: A humorous look at the just-aired "The End of Time" parts one and two, respectively, via the medium of Facebook. Warning: serious spoilers! (By the way, my own opinion on David Tennant's Whovian swansong is that it was kind of a mess, but a reasonably entertaining and ultimately surprisingly engaging and satisfying mess. Which is all I ever ask of Doctor Who.)

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