Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Goldilocks Cats

I've been making excellent use of my days off this week, including getting my cats in to the vet for their shots and checkups.

Of course, Vir is still way too damned fat. He's actually gained weight since the last time I had him in, in what must surely be defiance of the laws of physics. So he is now off the regular weight-loss cat food and onto the super-duper extra no-cal weight-loss cat food. (After I just recently bought a new bag of the other stuff, too. Sigh. Anybody in the Socorro area want a big tin full of Iams Weight Control cat food?) He's so disturbingly obese that the vet was talking about experimental weight-loss drugs, but, alas, they have so far only been tested on dogs.

Meanwhile, Happiness is still underweight, as far as I can tell mostly because she just can't be bothered to eat. The vet suggested trying canned food to tempt her into eating more -- something I'd tried in the past with mixed success, but which is definitely worth another shot -- but, of course, she had that urinary infection a while back, so it's supposed to be special canned food. Special, expensive canned food.

Meanwhile, Nova weighs 13 pounds and happily eats Cat Chow. But that's OK. He finds plenty of other ways to annoy me.


  1. Sorry to hear about Vir. Pascal was able to do the same thing and gain weight even when on weight loss. We ended up giving her the super diet food and grass to keep her from gaining (she never lost any weight though). We found that she was stealing food from the dog...

    I would expect that Vir is more like Londo (and would be stealing food also).

  2. He does steal food from Nova if I don't watch him. Sigh.

    Dammit, the "real" Vir was able to lose weight...

  3. I'm willing to bet that Vir is raiding the fridge whenever you're gone. Have you noticed any food missing from the kitchen that you can't remember eating? Or food that looks like one bite was taken out of it and then it was put back?

    It must be bad if the vet is discussing experimental diet drugs, though. Poor Vir.

  4. Vir actually doesn't bother people food much. No, I think someone is breaking into my house while I'm at work and feeding him. It's the only explanation that makes sense!

    He's up to 27 pounds now, which is just insane, and he breathes heavily, which the vet thinks would improve, if only he could shed some weight. Sigh.