Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh, My Word!

Your Score: The Second Doctor

You scored 55% intelligence, 4% compassion, 45% sense of humor, and 17% weirdness!

Ah, the comedian! But a *capable* clown. You like to come across as a lovable goof, but in reality you're a genius who succumbs to occasional absent-mindedness. You know when to cut and run, and you know when you deny authority, no matter how laughable you sound. Your turn-ons include Charlie Chaplin, The Beatles, men in kilts, women in catsuits, flutists, and your giddy aunt. Your turn-offs include omnipotent beings who like to interfere with your affairs, the ever-persistent Cybermen (heck, you don't even like cybersex!), and thinking about the lisping dandy you'll eventually become.

Link: The Which Doctor Who Are You? Test written by TottersLane on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Oh, come on, surely I'm both much weirder and much more compassionate than that! Not that I'm complaining about the result because, aww, how can you not love the Second Doctor?

Also, this quiz is full of the Doctor Who love, and thus makes me happy.


  1. Interesting (and keep in mind I know of only #'s 4, 9, & 10 and have watched just #'s 9 & 10), but it claims I'm the same Doctor as you.

    I have 41% intelligence, 0% compassion (that must mean something), 56% sense of humor, and 48% weirdness.

  2. He's a good Doctor to be. I'm honestly not sure how much either of us resembles him, but, y'know, he's pretty adorable. :)

    (But I don't have any idea why he's hanging out down at the low end of the "compassion" scale. He was compassionate!)

  3. "The Fifth Doctor -- You scored 55% intelligence, 48% compassion, 5% sense of humor, and 8% weirdness! You have a sort of irresponsible charm about you that attracts others, but your propensity for being passive and old-fashioned sometimes makes people question your overall authority. You're more of a sibling to your companions than the usual grandfather/father/uncle/significant other that we're more accustomed to seeing out of the Doctor. You're not very funny or unpredictable, though you sometimes try to be, which leads people to hurl epithets at you like "decidely immature," "wet," or "Tristan Farnon." Your turn-ons include bats (the non-organic kind), balls (the non-organic kind), cricket (the non-organic kind), and breathless panting (the organic kind). Your turn-offs include Adric, snakes, the dark places of the inside, spectrox toxaemia, and any situation that precludes you from putting your hands in your pockets and looking around curiously as if the universe were your own personal museum. Chances are, you're easily fooled by bad disguises."

    (As good as these things generally are, I *must* protest my low score on weird humor...)

  4. The scoring on this thing just seems odd.

    And poor number Five! They don't seem to like him very much. I disagree with the sibling thing, by the way. No matter how young he may have looked, there are times when he comes across very much as the rather put-upon head of a highly dysfunctional household. :)

  5. Doctor Who pre-empted this week for the Canadian Country Music awards. (vomit)

  6. I heard. I think that means we will be caught up to you after this week, then, actually.

  7. Oh my giddy aunt...:)

    I did recieve the CD today.
    Thanks very much. I'm hoping to watch it tonight :)

    I owe you one...

  8. The 7th Doctor
    You scored 63% intelligence, 26% compassion, 25% sense of humor, and 0% weirdness!
    0% weirdness!!!!!!

  9. See, that makes no sense to me at all. Leaving aside the question of how weird you may or may not be, dude, McCoy's Doctor is about as weird as they come!

  10. There were a couple of questions I could have gone one way or another on so I first ranked as the Second Doctor and the Ninth and then the Tenth. (like the one anout writers - no clue whatsoever)

  11. Yeah, the writers question assumed quite a bit of fannish knowledge. (Me, I was torn between voting for the writers I actively loathe, but whose episodes I wouldn't actually want to see gone because they did at least add a really cool character to the DW universe, vs. the guy who wrote one episode I would cheerfully see erased from reality entirely. In the end, I went with emotions over logic and voted for the former. :))