Saturday, September 29, 2007

Deleted Scenes

It seems the Canadians have already had the Doctor Who season finale, so I figured I'd post this now. I'll post a reminder link to it when the episode airs here in the states, too. Just to be clear, US people, this is referencing the episode that airs on Sci-Fi on Oct. 5, not the one that aired on Sept. 28.

Anyway, this is in the way of a public service announcement, to let you know that if you watch, have watched, or will watch the season finale ("Last of the Time Lords") on television outside the UK, what you're getting is a rather heavily edited version, as it ran long on the BBC and was then chopped down a full seven minutes for the international release. Fortunately, you can see at least some of the bits you're missing on YouTube. Thus:

This should come right after the scene with Martha at the beginning. In fact, if you're watching a recording of the episode, I recommend hitting "pause" and watching the clip right then. Because this bit of sheer and utter insanity should not be missed. It, um, certainly sets a mood...

This, on the other hand, is an extended version of, erm, a scene near (or possibly at) the climax. And the bit that was cut out of it is a rather terrible thing to have cut, for a couple of reasons. Note: DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN THE EPISODE. I mean it.

Several other small things were cut, and all of 'em are a damned shame to have lost, especially when I consider that there are other parts of the episode that I honestly think could have benefited from a good trim. But I don't think any of them were nearly as signficant.

If anybody wants a copy of the full version (as an .avi file or on VHS), let me know.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although I'd prefer if Canadians who want to discuss the episode in general hold off and comment on the regular thread for that next week, people may want to talk about the cut scenes here, so I will warn right up-front that the comments to this post are not a spoiler-free zone. Unspoiled Americans, you really want to stay unspoiled, so beware! Wait until you've seen the episode, and then you can come back here. (If you're looking to request a copy of the uncut version, you can contact me by e-mail.)


  1. There are people who hated, hated, hated that first clip. I was so not one of them.

    I'm curious about what was cut from that second clip. I can't see anything that isn't essential. Of course, at about the 7:24 mark there seems to be some little things missing from that clip. Maybe they're just hiccups in the recording or YouTube transfer.

  2. I wasn't, either. And even people who hate it need to be subjected to it. :)

    I didn't watch the entirety of the second clip, just enough to make sure that the missing part was there, so it may be glitchy. Basically, they cut the whole thing with Francine. Which boggles me.

  3. HA! Hope this is vague enough, but I just had a thought after watching the extended bits...
    The hand that picks up the ring - I bet....I bet it's his wife!

    (is that vague enough? Trying to be as obtuse as possible.)

  4. I think it is, too. In fact, I think there's an e-mail floating around somewhere where I said as much. :)

    And, hey, I warned people about spoilers on this one...