Friday, September 07, 2007

Because, Hey, It's September...

Current clothes: Gray sweat pants. Black t-shirt that says "I'm blogging this." (My t-shirts always speak the truth!) White socks. Black sneakers. So, you know, pretty much the same kind of stuff I'm always wearing.

Current mood: Not too bad. Hungry. Does that count as a mood?

Current music: Most recently listened to some random-shuffle stuff again. I think the iPod is currently on a bit of a Rush kick. And so am I, for that matter, because the last thing I listened to before that was Rush's Snakes and Arrows, which I'm really liking. I wasn't super-impressed with Vapor Trails, to be completely honest, but this one is a terrific return to form.

Current annoyance: In what universe is it fair that I'm getting gray hairs but still have acne? Stupid human body.

Current thing: Sleeping. I've been living a mostly-nocturnal existence again for the last few weeks, and I've been doing some world-championship-quality sleeping during the day. Which beats the hell out of insomnia, but the fact that I keep having days where I hugely oversleep is making my circadian patterns even more bizarre than usual. Today I went to sleep at 11:30 AM. (Though admittedly it would have been earlier except for the fact that I stayed up to get my hair cut.) But that meant I slept until 8:00 PM, which is not so good, considering that tomorrow I have to be at work at 7:45.

Current desktop picture: This picture of Saturn by legendary space artist Chelsey Bonestell. Check out the space art blog I got it from. There's a lot of very cool art there.

Current book: Recently finished Ethan of Athos by Lois McMaster Bujold. Next up: Kockroach by Tyler Knox.

Current song in head: Well, now it's random Rush tunes.

Current DVD in player: Disc four of season 2 of Numb3rs. I kind of love this show. It's like "Mathnet" for adults! Although, honestly, I don't generally care all that much about the plots, or even about whether the mathematics is entirely right and relevant. It's just that I could watch Charlie Eppes for hours. He's unbelievably cute, and he fights crime with math. Is it possible for any human being to be more appealing? I also love his buddy Larry, with his endearing way of drawing metaphors between human relationships and physics. He makes me incredibly nostalgic for college, because back when I was studying astrophysics, I swear, we really did talk exactly like that.

Current refreshment: Water. I woke up kind of dehydrated today. I think both that and my oversleeping is due in large part to the fact that it's cooled off enough here for me not to want to turn the swamp cooler on before I go to sleep, but not so much that the house doesn't get somnolently warm by the afternoon.

Current worry: Oh, hell, I don't know. Possibly something to do with that procrastination thing I mentioned the other day, but I am at least making some progress on things now.

Current thought: Hungry. Huuuuuuungry!


  1. "because the last thing I listened to before that was Rush's Snakes and Arrows, which I'm really liking. I wasn't super-impressed with Vapor Trails, to be completely honest, but this one is a terrific return to form."
    I believe I posted something similar back in July prompting you to state that you needed to buy the album. Here is my dreadfully mistyped and unproofread post.

    "Rush concert was great, they played some different stuff during the first half which was awesome. You can always count on them to put on a great show! This is the fourth time we've seen them and always worth it. I actually like the new album much better than Vapor Trails the last month(??should be one). Didn't care for that one, but like(d) Test for Echo."

  2. I did remember you saying something to that effect, and, yep, you were quite right! Vapor Trails did grow on me a bit with multiple listenings, but this new one is definitely more to my taste.

  3. I have a copy of the book your desktop picture is from. The Conquest of Space by Bonestell and Ley. A 1950 book that I acquired in 1975. All the pictures in it are stunning.

  4. Bonestell is great, isn't he? Even though a lot of his imagined planetscapes have turned out not to be entirely accurate, his stuff is still very much worth looking at.

    Although I may replace that wallpaper with something else soonish. I love the picture, but it's a bit too intensely yellow to make entirely comfortable wallpaper.

  5. Hey, I remember that "I'm blogging this" shirt! I still need to get one of those!

  6. It's getting a bit faded now. :)