Saturday, September 22, 2007


Well, there's nothing quite like glancing at your ATM receipt only to realize that it shows you as having about a thousand dollars less than you should have. Or, if there is, it involves going online to check your transactions and discovering a crapload of negative numbers glaring at you in bright red text and about nine overdraft fees because the stupid frelling bank deducted your mortgage check TWICE.

Guys! One check number = one check = one deduction! A six-year-old child could figure this out!

Sigh. Wish I'd caught this before, y'know, 2 AM on a Friday night. But come Monday, they will feel my wrath. Oh, yes, they will. And they'd damned well better refund those overdraft fees.


  1. Don't take no for an answer!! Listen we don't have our mortgage on automatic draw anymore, but back when we did. I had filled out the paperwork to setup it and it said keep making your payment until you receive notification that it will be withdrawn so I did. Then after the due date get the later stating it will be withdrawn!!! I call and they tell me some B.S. how because of the way it was applied they can't refund me!!!!!This won't happen in this case but really.

    And actually just to let you know on 8/30/07 my company, everyone who has a automatic deduction with a due date of the 30th got double dipped when had a huge mess. They just reversed everything but it took a couple days and it was right before labor day weekend. We had to eat a lot of money in overdrafts.

  2. I'm really hoping they don't give me a hard time about it. I kind of doubt they will, but you never know.

    And I do not do automatic deductions. My company had a similar mess-up a while back, where paychecks didn't come through the day they were supposed to... I think at least they compensated people who were affected, but, still. I want to be the one in control of when money comes and goes in my account. Or at least when it goes. Not that that helps when my carefully-kept-track-of balance doesn't match the bank's...

    I did just get my mortgage statement today, and it looks like they have the last payment down twice, but against the second one it says "unapplied." That seems like a good sign. Presumably the mortgage company, at least, recognizes an error when it sees one.