Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Today There Are Fireworks.

Here's wishing a happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans, a happy 4th of July to everybody, and a good flight to the crew of the shuttle Discovery!


  1. Do you have today off, or are you working?
    PS, Have you seen anything about the season ender for Dr. Who? I feel like a total nerd saying this, but I can't wait for it to be shown over here.

  2. I'm off today. Whoo-hoo! It worked out really nice for me, too, because we got off both Mon. and Tues., and it was an actual four-day weekend for me. Actually, four days and a bit, as I haven't been at work since 8 AM on Friday. More often than not, when we have these long holidays, I have to work part of the weekened anyway.

    And you feel like a total nerd? My good man, consider who you're speaking to!

    Is it the season 1 conclusion you're asking about, or the season 2 one? I assume you've had the former ages ago, though I'm not exactly up on Canadian TV schedules at the moment. As for the latter... Well, I've seen some interesting rumors, but the main thing I can say about it, having seen part 1, is that I really want to see part two. :)

  3. I want a 4 day weekend! Wahhh!

  4. I am indeed referring to the Season/Series 2 finale. Gavine makes a reference to it in one of his comments on my blog. The BBC website has been totally worth checking. Each episodes page, the interactive functions, the sound bites, tardisodes, teasers, the games.
    Don't hold out, watch the the teasers and tardisode for the finale. Give in! Give In!

  5. Oh, believe me, I already have. Heck, I watched the Tardisode about thirty seconds after I got done watching part 1. :)