Monday, July 17, 2006

Enough About My Eyeballs. Have Some Random Links.

Lostpedia: A wiki for the show Lost, with tons of cool and interesting stuff, some of it compiled by fans with decidedly too much time on their hands (not that I'm one to talk). My personal favorite thing: a hideously complicated chart of all the characters' inter-connections. (Warning: the site is rife with spoilers for all the episodes that have aired to date.)

Speaking of fans with too much time on their hands, check out this article a friend in New Zealand sent me about a Star Trek corn maze made by a fan in the UK. (OK, after three edits, I've finally got the location of this thing right. I think!)

Cyberspamalot!: Monty Python and Cybermen! What more could you possibly ask for? (Warning: contains images that are spoilery through the end of the second season of the new Doctor Who.)


  1. check out the human space invaders game:

    Can't really describe it properly. Just go look.

  2. OK, that is cool. Bizarre and pointless, but cool. :)

    I'll link to it the next time I do one of these.