Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's Memey Time!

Current clothes: Blue denim shorts. Black belt. Gray VLBA t-shirt with a short-sleeved light-blue denim shirt unbuttoned over it. White ankle socks.

Current mood: Tired. I woke up too early today, largely thanks to a certain pesky cat.

Current music: The Muppets' 25th Anniversary Collection.

Current annoyance: The disc o' Lost episodes mentioned below seems to have a bit of a glitch, because the last one I was watching cut off ten minutes before the end. *sniff* Thank the Internet Gods for Television Without Pity's recaps.

Current thing: My social life still consists almost entirely of getting together with various people to watch Doctor Who. We're doing another marathon this afternoon.

Current desktop picture: Speaking of Doctor Who -- like, when am I not? -- it's this picture of a Cyberman attempting to break through my monitor.

Current song in head: Nothing at the moment, actually. My internal radio is too tired to play.

Current book: I'm still reading Allen Steele's Coyote. Which I said in the comments for the last post isn't actually all that bad, tense problems aside. I dunno, though. I'm about 200 pages or so into it now, and while Steele finally seems to have (mostly) settled down into a nice simple past tense, he's currently using it to go into really boring discussions about farming and calendars. Although the calendar thing wouldn't be as annoying if the character putting together the calendar system hadn't chosen the stupidest names ever for the months and the days of the week. The fact that the other characters seem to have accepted them rather than laughing the guy out of their colony doesn't earn them a lot of respect from me, either.

Current video in player: A tape with last week's 4400 -- thanks again to those who pointed out that there was a repeat showing! -- and Venture Bros.

Current DVD in player: As alluded to above, a disk full of season 2 episodes of Lost, which was sent to me by a friend. (Thanks again, Nico! Have I mentioned lately how much you rock?) Also, disc 1 of the first season of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, which, at least in places, is absolutely freakin' hysterical.

Current refreshment: Nothing at the moment. I'm getting hungry, though.

Current worry: I'm a little worried about my computer. It's been kind of slow of late, off and on, and every so often it just hangs up completely for a few seconds for no obvious reason. And it seems to be happening increasingly often. Virus scans don't show anything, and spyware scans haven't revealed anything unusual. I've even removed some of the stuff that might have been taking up memory and bogging things down (e.g. Google Desktop, which I wasn't really using, anyway), but it doesn't seem to have helped. Eep.

Current thought: I need to buy milk.


  1. Birdman. The epsiode Dabba Don still cracks me up.
    "You're dead to me Can Opener!"

  2. Yes! Best line ever. And the opening credits killed me. :)

  3. Yeah, I also love the Wesley Willis song that plays over the DVD menu, "Birdman Kicked My Ass."
    My freind and I had rented it and put it on. We both stepped out of the room to go look up something online about BSG season 2, came back, heard the song, looked stunned and cracked up. We were still losing it a couple of days later.
    Met this couple from New Jersey at work this week end. Not expecting you to know them, but it is odd to meet people from Jersey out and up here. Nice people.

  4. I'm a fan of the Birdgirl episodes meself (read into that what you will...)

  5. Magnus: Yeah, I did much the same thing: put in the disc, went out to the kitchen for something while it loaded up, came back in and went "WTF is this song?" Then started laughing.

    And there are many fine people from New Jersey. :)

    Andrew: I haven't gotten to the Birdgirl ones yet. I guess that'll be something to look forward to...