Sunday, July 02, 2006

4400 to Zero in Half an Hour

Oh, god damn it. See, this is why I don't watch TV shows as they air any more.

I recently caught the first two seasons of The 4400 on DVD. It's a decent show -- not brilliant, but decent, with an interesting premise and a good unfolding plot, and I was enjoying it. As it happens, just as I was finishing up with the newly-released season 2 discs, season 3 started up on the USA network, and I said, hey, great! I won't have to wait for the next DVD set! So I watched, I dunno, three or four episodes, and some interesting stuff happened, and eventually we got to a fairly intriguing cliffhanger.

And today, of course, I was puttering around, living my life, and I suddenly realized that it was 7:30, and part 2 had already been on for half an hour. It doesn't look like they're re-running it, either, at least not tonight.

Well, screw it. I guess I can wait a year or so to see how it comes out. I've long since passed the point, apparently, where I'm willing to make myself a slave to TV schedules, even to the extent that it means remembering to set the VCR. (And I'm definitely not getting a Tivo for the two or three shows at most that I actually care that much about. I can barely justify the fact that I'm still paying for cable.)

It kind of amazes me how much this concept of a show only being available at a particular time rather than being obtainable whenever you might decide you want it already strikes me as clunky and antiquated. I think this means that my brain is now very firmly in the 21st century.

Well, maybe I'll at least remember to watch Venture Bros. tonight. Maybe.


  1. Just finished watching it. Want me to be a spoiler for you. Do you watch it on USA? If you do it may come back on at 10pm your time. It replays a midnite here. It depends on your cable system, I guess. Let me know. Scrubbed til Tues. Launch on the 4th. How patriotic.

  2. *double-checks listings*

    Hey, it is on again at 10:00! Apparently I managed to miss that completely when I looked the first time. Hooray! Thank you! I will set the VCR this time to make sure I don't forget again.

    So, um, no, don't tell me what happens. :)

    And, yeah, I saw the launch had been delayed again. Stupid Florida weather, huh?

  3. I was just going to post the same thing because I have it on a "season pass" on my DVR and it always skips the 2nd airing as a duplicate. I was also going to offer to send you a tape of it :) Anyway considering it's like... 10:30 your time you are probably either watching it or taping it as we speak.

    Also, Dad hope it's a go on the 4th :) Tell us all about it!!

  4. I had no idea so many people were watching this show. It doesn't seem to generate a lot of discussion...

    Anyway, thanks for the thought! I do, indeed, have it taping right now. (That's the other thing about watching shows as they air. Freakin' commercials! At least if I tape 'em, I can fast-forward through the things.)