Saturday, July 22, 2006

And A Music Meme...

OK, the idea behind this one is that you open up iTunes, or whatever you've got that'll list your music alphabetically for you, and write down the first track that shows up for each letter of the alphabet. Here's my resulting list (having skipped the tracks that start with numbers or symbols, of which there were more than a few):

A Bizaar Ending - The Great Luke Ski
Baa! - The Great Luke Ski
C'etait Toi (You Were the One) - Billy Joel
D.J. - David Bowie
E-V-I-L, Tardis - Big Finish Productions (from the audio play Doctor Who: Zagreus)
Face Up - Rush
Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues - Arlo Guthrie
Hail to Thee, Kamp Krusty - The Simpsons
I'd Rather Have a Bottle in Front of Me (Than a Frontal Lobotomy) - Randy Hanzlick, M.D.
Jack-a-Lynn - Jethro Tull
Kai Collapse - Marty Simon
L'Arena - Ennio Morricone
M.I.B. Closing Theme - Danny Elfman
Na Laetha Geal Moige - Enya
O Bebe Waltz - BeauSoleil
Pace Verde - Andreas Vollenweider
Qu'est Ce Que J'ai Fait - Anthony Stewart Head
Race Against Time - U2
S-E-X-X-Y - They Might Be Giants
Tacoma Trailer - Leonard Cohen
Uakuza Oren 1 - RZA
V the Series Theme
Wait - The Beatles
Xanadu - Rush
Y.O.D.A. - The Great Luke Ski
Zagreus, Take The Blade And Cut These Three Strays Out Of Time. - from the same Doctor Who audio

I'm not sure what that says about my listening habits, but it probably says something. The only two things I really get from it are 1) that Luke Ski guy really hogs the alphabet, and 2) I have a surprising number of songs in languages that I don't actually speak. (I think French is significantly over-represented here, though, due to its fondness for apostrophes.)


  1. That is perhaps the most ecclectic list of music I have ever seen!

    You also might be one of the few people that would recognize my ringtone which is from a They Might Be Giants song!

  2. That doesn't even capture the full range of my collection by a long shot. :)

    And I love TMBG! Which song is it?

  3. Istanbul done as a cheesy midi file, which seems strangely appropriate. Every time my phone rings, I wanna dance to it! :)

  4. Cool. :)

    Hmm, I wonder if I can get "Particle Man" for mine... Not that I ever turn it on.

  5. Ive only heard about 2 and a half of the songs. As each day goes by I get older. Darn. On the way to pick Kathy up in an hour or so.

  6. Most of those are obscure, no matter what your age. :)

    Hope she got there safe and sound, eventually!

  7. I arrived safely, though not completely sanely :)

    I noticed the French thing and Anthony Stewart Head very cool. I liked his singing on Buffy.

  8. Well, one hopes you're at least as sane as you were before, anyway. ;)

    Head has a lovely singing voice, which is why I bought his CD. He doesn't do "Freebird," though.

  9. Freebird. YOu mean as in Lynird Skynird?

  10. Yep! He sang that on the TV show. Quite beautifully, really.

  11. My list is up if you want a good laugh.