Saturday, July 15, 2006

Eye, Eye, Eye!

For all those who have asked or may be wondering, yes, my eye is much better today. Thanks!

Actually, it was still kind of scratchy this morning, enough so that I called the doctor, since they'd asked me to come back for a followup visit if it wasn't healed within a day or so, but apparently the only doctor on duty today was the pediatrician. And while I suppose kids' eyes can't be that different from adult eyes, I think the pediatrician's probably got better things to do with his time. Given that it was improving, I decided not to worry about it too much. Based on the info I've looked up, it's not unusual for these things to take three days to heal if they're bad. (Which actually seemed remarkably fast to me, but as one of the medical websites I looked at pointed out, if corneas didn't heal quickly and without scarring, we'd probably all end up blind. It's nice to know that evolution does get things right!) Anyway, yeah, it didn't seem worth bothering a pediatrician about, and certainly not worth another visit to the emergency room, so I let it go. And I'm glad I did, because it feels a lot better tonight than it did this morning. Yay, healing powers of the human body! Mostly, I'm not even really feeling much in the way of pain or irritation even when I blink now. The main thing I'm still noticing is that if a gust of air or something catches me in the eye, it's a lot more sensitive than usual, but I expect even that will be gone soon.

So, again, yeah, it could have been a heck of a lot worse. Rather embarrassingly, the worst part of the whole thing has been the psychological aspect. Because I'm absolutely fine as long as I don't actually think about the fact that AAARGH, I SCRAPED MY EYEBALL! But when I do... Who knew the symptoms of corneal abrasion included nausea, faintness and difficulty breathing? I'm a little disturbed by quite how close I seem to be to an actual full-blown phobia. Fortunately, I'm also very easy distracted, and apparently surprisingly capable of listening when I tell myself to stop being such a big baby and just calm down.

I'm still a little disappointed that there was no piratical patch at any point, though. Not that that would have made the experience worthwhile, but it might at least have made it a little more fun.


  1. Very, very glad to hear you're doing better. And I say this as one who can't open my eyes underwater for fear that my eyeballs will be touched by something. Heck, when I was involved in community theatre, it was virtually impossible for the make-up people to do my eyes properly -- I can only wonder how women (and men) allow those pencils to get so close to their precious peepers.

  2. Heh. I thought I was perhaps the only person in the world who had that can't-open-eyes-underwater problem. And I've never worn eye makeup in my life.

  3. I can't do it either - the water, not the make-up.