Sunday, July 23, 2006

Revenge Of The Return Of The Son Of Random Links

Eventually I will post something resembling actual content. But, for the moment:

Vader Sessions: Scenes from Star Wars with Darth Vader's voice overdubbed with dialog from James Earl Jones' other movies. Goofy, but amusing.

The Fortnight Shop: A Cafepress store run by an artist friend of mine, featuring her nifty designs on t-shirts and coffee mugs and such. The gimmick here is that every two weeks the featured design changes, so if you keep going back, you'll keep finding new stuff. Or you can sign up for the shop's newsletter and get notifications when there's new material.

Knights of the Star Trek Table: If the Cybermen version was amusing, this one is a work of brilliance.


  1. You beat me to it on "The Vader Sessions". I love it because it's such a simple idea, although I'm a little disappointed he didn't call any of the Stormtroopers Simba or introduce CNN.

  2. Clearly, there is room for a sequel.

  3. I found Vader more than amusing. I thought it very funny.