Thursday, August 18, 2005

"What the Gravity-Agenda Scientists Need to Realize Is That 'Gravity Waves' and 'Gravitons' are Just Secular Words for 'God Can Do Whatever He Wants.'"

Hee! I love the Onion. I totally do. And I've been saying for years that if the Fundamentalists are going to go after evolution for being "only a theory," they ought to go after gravity, too, because it's "only a theory" in precisely the same sense. Then again, these are the same people who make a big stink about that line in Leviticus about how "detestable" homosexuality is, but have completely failed to launch a crusade against the equally forbidden practice of having sex with a woman during her period, as delivered a few lines above. So, y'know, rational consistency is clearly not their strong point. (And I know I've probably horribly offended at least one reader with that comment but... Well, no, anything else I could say in my defense would doubtless be even more offensive, so never mind.)

I'm just hoping this doesn't give the people in Kansas ideas...

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