Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mmmm... Jesus Cake

So, there was a woman sitting outside the Post Office earlier today selling baked goods, and, sadly, she managed to catch me on an empty stomach, which made said baked goods look really, really tempting. She even waved this gingerbread-cake sort of stuff under my nose and told me all about how she used fresh ginger!, and, damn, but it smelled good. So I gave in to weakness and bought some. And, along with my cake, I got a little religious flyer. Plus a piece of paper with a Bible verse on it under the cake, where you might normally have a bit of cardboard or something. I thought about being mildly annoyed by this, but, hey, reading the pamphlet was optional, and the only thing she was forcibly proselytizing me about was ginger, so I figured it was cool. Sort of like the difference between getting a junk flyer in your PO Box and having a telemarketer call you, you know? The latter makes me homicidal, but the former doesn't bother me at all, 'cause I can just chuck it out. Anyway, so, yeah, I decided to be amused rather than annoyed, and sat down to enjoy a yummy slice of what I had promptly dubbed Jesus Cake. Except, sadly, the Jesus Cake didn't taste nearly as good as it smelled (which, admittedly, given how it smelled, would have been hard).

What's really disturbing me is that now, many hours later, I'm sitting here at work desperately craving some of that Jesus Cake, even though I didn't actually like it all that much. I'm starting to think Jesus Cake has some scary, addictive ingredient. Man, those Christians are insidious!

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