Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm Sure Nobody Wants to Hear Me Going on About my Boring Domestic Issues Yet Again. But Too Bad! Bwahahaha!

Well, the plumbers have been and gone, and I now have shiny new bathroom fixtures that do not leak. Yay!

On the downside, they also took all my money (well, OK, a large chunk of what was in my checking account, anyway), and left ugly cuts in the wall where they had to make a hole to reach the pipes.

Disturbingly, my first thought about that latter point, was, "Ooh, you know, if I was going to buy a dishwasher, it would go right in front of that spot, and then I wouldn't have to fix it. And I'd have a dishwasher!" Then, of course, I reflected upon the former point, which caused me to shrug philosophically.

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