Saturday, August 27, 2005

Space Blog!

For the space exploration enthusiasts, there's a new blog hosted by The Planetary Society that looks worth following. (Well, OK, relatively new. It's been around for a month, but I'm a bit slow these days, apparently.)

From the description in the Society's newsletter:
People seemed to like the weblogs I wrote for the landing of Huygens and launch of Cosmos 1, so we decided to make a weblog a permanent feature of the website. I'm using it as a space to make a note of whatever space events or photos grab my attention, from Mars launches to comet encounters to flybys of Saturn's moons. I update it nearly every day, so please visit often to keep in touch with what's going on in space exploration!
Sounds pretty cool to me. I've added it to the blog links. (Which I desperately need to update properly, I know.)

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