Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Murphy's Law: It's the Only Thing in This Universe That You Can Really Count On.

Lately, they've had the air conditioning at work cranked up to sub-Arctic levels. It's 100 degrees outside, and inside people are huddled up in sweaters. It got so bad on Sunday's night shift that I actually turned on the little space heater we keep under the desk. So, last night, despite my feeling that it's just fundamentally wrong to be taking long-sleeved clothes out of the closet in August, I grabbed a sweatshirt and hauled it in to work with me. So, of course, the A/C was broken, and instead of being uncomfortably cold, it was uncomfortably warm. Sigh.

I really wish I had a clue how I ought to dress tonight. I suppose I should just follow the usual tactic for changeable desert climates and dress in layers.

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