Saturday, August 13, 2005

I Don't Think I'm Having a Good Day

First, I was awakened at 8 AM by a cat jumping from a windowsill onto my bed with all of his claws extended and managing to rip a chunk out of my toe in the process. Owie.

So, OK, I got up, had some coffee, checked my e-mail, took a shower... I wasn't exactly awake, but otherwise things didn't seem too bad. Then, of course, I made the mistake of using the toilet. Now, the toilet had lately started doing this thing where it wouldn't shut off unless you reached in and pulled the float arm up the last little way. And I, of course, was getting sick of doing that. "Hmm," I said to myself, maybe if I can just bend it upwards a little..." Snap! Damn, but those toilet components are fragile.

So, I had to go out and buy toilet parts. And, of course, you can't just replace the arm with the floaty ball on it, because they don't hardly make those any more. It's all this new fangled toilet technology now. So I had to replace the whole valve thingy instead. Which wouldn't have been a problem if anybody but me ever actually paid attention to the instructions on toilets where it says to hand-tighten the freaking nut! It took me half an hour, a can of WD-40 and a pair of pliers to get the damned valve out so I could replace it, during which time I grew tired and sweaty, managed to splash water all over my clothes, and both reopened an old cut on my hand (from a previous encounter with an evil metal filing cabinet) and scored a couple of new ones, which will probably now cause my fingers to rot off, having been infected by disgusting toilet water. Gaaah.

I believe I am going to take another shower now. And then I am going to put my pajamas back on and do nothing for the rest of the day that involves any activity more strenuous than typing. Or maybe, if I get really ambitious, doing the dishes. Yes. That sounds like a plan.

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