Monday, July 25, 2005

Time to Dump Some Random Links on Ya

Princeton Art of Science Competition: "[I]magery produced in the course of research or incorporating tools and concepts from science." Some very cool pictures.

Kill Harry Potter: Tired of the Hogwarts hype? Take it out on the kid on the broomstick, in this cruel but amusing flash game.

episode iii: backstroke of the west: Revenge of the Sith, translated into Chinese and back into English. Badly.

Hangmoto: Hangman game featuring no hanging, but a monster stomping on your city instead. Several categories to choose from, including science fiction movie titles.

SF Citations: Tracks down the usage of all kinds of interesting sfnal words and phrases. F'rinstance, "space" as a verb, meaning "to toss someone out an airlock without a suit" dates back to at least 1952, in Heinlein's The Rolling Stones. I'd kind of been wondering about that.

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