Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pottering Around

OK, so, I got the new Harry Potter in the mail a couple of days ago, and finished it last night (or, technically, this morning). I definitely enjoyed it: the plot continues to develop in interesting ways, and even though the situation is getting more and more desperate and sinister, there's still a lot of great humor. (Dumbledore, really, is a funny, funny guy.) And, like the previous books, it's a very fast, zippy read.

The ending, though (about which I am now going to talk in vague, non-spoilery terms), left me feeling pretty unsatisfied, because it raises six billion questions and answers nothing. Which promises interesting things for the next book, for sure, but leaves this particular novel, to me, at least, feeling like one big, uncomfortable, dangling loose end. At least the previous ones, even though they were part of a continuing storyline, still had a sense of individual closure. Mind you, it could be that I'm overthinking things, and the stuff that raises the most questions in my mind is stuff that I'm actually supposed to take at face value and not expect more exploration of later... But I really don't think so, and if that turns out to have be the case, I'll be extremely disappointed.

In other words, I guess I can't really let you know entirely what I thought of Book 6 until I've read Book 7...

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