Sunday, July 10, 2005

Oh, Look, It's This Thing Again.

Current clothes: Black t-shirt from Weird Al Yankovic's "Poodle Hat" tour. Blue denim shorts. White ankle socks. Black sneakers. Black belt.

Current mood: I've been really irritable and bitchy lately. Not continuously, by any means, but all kinds of things that I would normally shrug off are getting under my skin, and I keep wanting to argue with people. This in itself is kind of starting to irritate me.

Current music: Still mostly listening to randomly-generated playlists. Which can have interesting results.

Current annoyance: See "mood."

Current thing: Um... Being bitchy? Mostly on the internet.

Current desktop picture: A picture of a glacier that I look on my Alaska cruise a couple of years ago. I just put it up yesterday, though, and I don't think it actually makes very good wallpaper, so I'll probably change it again soon. But here it is:

Current song in head: "It's Not Unusual." Thanks to a reference to it over at Impenetrable Prose and Poesy.

Current book: Timescape by Gregory Benford. I've actually read this once before, way back in high school, but I couldn't remember much of anything about it except that it was a very hard-SF story, that it involved time travel, and that I enjoyed it. Alas, my enjoyment level is not terribly high this time around, as I appear to have lost most of my taste for the kind of story where people stand around lecturing each other about particle physics. But it's redeemed a bit for me by the fact that Benford's characters, at least, feel very much like real scientists doing real science, which I think is very rare in SF.

Current video in player: Nothing at the moment. Most recently, a tape of fan-made Doctor Who videos a co-worker lent me. Mostly little humorous things: music videos, bits of Who eps spliced together with bits of Monty Python sketches in amusing ways, stuff like that. Most of it was just kind of OK, but there were these clips that spliced together innocent lines of dialog to get amazingly filthy results, which were so hysterically funny I almost required the Heimlich maneuver because I made the mistake of trying to eat while I was watching.

Current DVD in player: Disc three of The Greatest American Hero, season 1. Fun, fun show. And I'm finding it very interesting to look back on it now as a product of its times.

Current refreshment: Green tea. (Still haven't seen any demons, though, John!)

Current worry: I may have mentioned that there are some cracks in the walls of my house, because there's been some uneven settling of the foundation. Lately, they appear to be much worse than I thought they were. Are they getting bigger? Did I just not notice before how bad they were? (Which is entirely possible, because the full extent of some of them is only visible from inside closets.) Or is it somehow due to things expanding in the heat? I don't know, but, aaargh! My house is going to collapse! Except it isn't. But I seem to be imagining worse-case scenarios for everything, lately.

Current thought: I don't know what's causing me to be both bitchy and neurotic lately, but, damn it, it's time for it to stop! I wish to return to my normal state of bland, good-natured apathy.

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