Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hey, Look! More Random Links!

For, lo, there has been much web-wandering...

Dungeons & Dragons for Complete and Utter Idiots: Exactly what it says. The flowchart is particularly amusing.

Blog Depression: Are you suffering from Blog Depression?

Catty: "[A] chatter bot that does not try to understand or simulate human language, cannot learn, does not know meanings, knows no facts. Instead, it interfaces you to the entire web by using Google search engine to look up sentences that may be relevant to what you are saying." Kind of surreal to talk to. Sometimes says rather, um, inappropriate things, so be warned.

Interview with a Search Engine: More talking to search engines, this time a transcript of an "interview" with Ask Jeeves. Extremely funny.

Planarity: A puzzle game I found deeply fascinating right up to the point where it became deeply frustrating.

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