Saturday, July 02, 2005

Things That Confuse Me

So, I went to buy something online a few weeks ago, only to realize that my credit card had expired. I remembered them sending me a notice in the mail saying a new card was coming, but either I hadn't gotten it, I figured, or I'd accidentally thought it was junk mail and thrown it out. (I mean, I get an average of one piece of junk mail a day from some credit card company or other, and I never open 'em. It's easy to get confused.) So I called the company and they said, OK, they'd cancel that card and issue me a new one. Great! A few days later, I got a card in the mail, called up to activate it, and figured all was well. Then, just now, I got another card in the mail... And realized that the one I'd just activated was the first one. Yes, the one I'd already called to cancel. And the new one was the second one. So, OK, I activated that, too, but now I'm really curious as to whether the first one is active or cancelled. I didn't want to ask, though, because that involves a lot of being on hold and listening to people typing into computers and going through long spiels aimed at selling you credit protection plans, and all that kind of thing. Maybe I'll just try using it and see. Even though I really almost never buy anything with the credit card, anyway. Hmm. Maybe it's all some giant conspiracy to get me to use it...

Also, my smoke detector keeps going off for no apparent reason, which makes me very nervous.

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