Monday, June 27, 2005


Well, Nova's back from the vet, with cleaner teeth. He's still pretty groggy, poor guy. For a while there he was staggering randomly around the house, apparently in an awful hurry to get somewhere, but unable to figure out quite where it was he wanted to get. Not that he doesn't sort of act like that normally, but there was a definite doped-up quality to it this time that isn't usually there.

And he still doesn't get any food 'til tomorrow morning, poor kitty. I'm probably going to hear about that tonight, too.

Because doubtless you're all dying to know what Nova looks like (even though I'm sure my three regular readers have already seen pictures), because Blogger now has free image hosting, and because what is the internet for if not to post pictures of your cats?, I offer you, free of charge, one Nova-kitty likeness:

OK, I didn't say it was a good picture...

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