Sunday, June 19, 2005

Search Request Weekly

The latest batch of interesting search request that have washed hapless net-surfers onto the rocky shores of this blog:

  • douglas coupland and invent hairstyle: Wow, he writes and invents hairstyles? What a versatile guy!

  • christopher eccleston/love scenes: Ah, you just want to see him nekkid. (At least, judging by the number of search requests I get for that, it seems like a safe bet.)

  • BUYING FARSCAPE TRENCHCOAT: You can't buy one of those trenchoats, man. You have to join the Peacekeepers to get one. Or kill one and take his coat.

  • "unlimited rice pudding" speech: Man, I love that speech! You know, I've heard it speculated that "unlimited rice pudding" was actually the trigger phrase to arm the Hand of Omega, which is a thought that amuses me. (Um, six trivia points to anybody who knows what the heck I'm talking about.)

  • zero-g porn movie: I don't think most porn-film budgets are high enough for that.

  • ergonomic cartoon picture for dentist: What, you mean where on the ceiling do you hang it?

  • green tea drops/side effects: Ah, this is where a certain Loyal Reader of mine would doubtless link us to that story about a guy who goes crazy and sees demons from hell after drinking too much green tea.

  • gnome sims skins: Trying to recreate your D&D party, hmm?

  • "chocolate physics": Man, if they offered degrees in chocolate physics, I would have stuck around for my PhD!

  • realistic non nude martian teen girls: Um... realistic?!

  • "gregg shorthand" "alice in wonderland": I sincerely doubt it's been commercially translated into that particular form.

  • star trek enterprise episode terra firma rerun: I'd rather watch the Farscape episode with that name, thanks.

  • babylon 5 "delenn nude": Does that mean without the hair, too?

  • REST OF THE PHRASE HELL'S BELLS: The last time this came up, aforementioned Loyal Reader informed me that the phrase was originally "Hell's bells and buckets of blood." I have no idea what to do with that information, but consider it your trivia fact for the day.

  • insomnia drugs lunasa: Well, I'd expect one to have trouble falling asleep at a Lunasa concert.

  • daughter of apollo guilt ridden fan fiction hobbit: Is this some sort of Battlestar Galactica/Lord of the Rings crossover?

  • sims nude sensor: Because it could be very socially embarrassing if you can't sense when your sims are nude.

  • fan fiction addition boredom farscape: Why would you want to add boredom to Farscape?

  • stairway to sto-vo-kor song download: I have no idea what this is or where it can be found, but I want it!

  • +gibson+"doctor who"+poet+"fang rock": Hmm, clearly it's been too long since I've seen that episode, because I don't remember any poets or Gibsons in it.

  • las cruces david and ear cones: Don't let David from Las Cruces use an ear cone on you. Don't let anybody use an ear cone on you. They're dangerous, and they don't work.

  • Free Nude Clippings of Rebecca: You mean, like, toenail clippings? Eww.

  • You've Got Mail darth vader wav: Do not fail Vader! When he tells you you've got mail, read it!

  • humming the twilight zone music wav mp3: Can't you just do that yourself?

  • "pop culture junk mail" "connection refused": Yeah, it seems to be doing that for me, too.

  • cartoon porn with snoopy and linus: OK, I think this one wins the "most disturbing, yet strangely hilarious" award for the month.


  • backpacking hygine: Just accept the fact that you're going to stink. When you're in the woods, it's acceptable.

  • "nude picture search": Be sure you turn off the "safe search" option!

  • chiana sexy girl picture: I think any picture of chiana sort of qualifies by definition.

  • outdoor pic nudie sands: Whoa! Nude sand! Avert your eyes, children!

  • coping with opposite sex ragging: Oh, dear. I sense a bit of domestic strife.

  • gowron fanfiction: Now, there's a neglected character who deserves some attention!

  • "stevie nicks nude": Homer? Is that you? (This has been Obscure Simpsons Reference #192.)

  • 80 yearn old free porn: And now I'm hearing that in Grampa Simpson's voice. Which is kind of disturbing.

  • the lost boys novel - craig shaw gardner spoilers: Sorry, the only book by that name I'm familiar with is the one by Orson Scott Card, and I wouldn't spoil that for ya for the world.

  • buzz lightyear commander nebula nude: Going into a nebula nude is never an advisable thing. (Um, wait, is Commander Nebula a person? Oh, dear, that may have unintentionally been much dirtier than I meant it to be...)

    1. I looked it up: apparently Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was translated into Gregg Shorthand in 1915:

    2. OK. That's an interesting trivia fact. :)