Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Doctor Is In!

I've been watching the new Doctor Who series, which I've managed to obtain from various sources even though it's not available anywhere in the US yet. (And shows no sign of being so in the near future, either, grrr. The Sci-Fi channel is losing the brownie points they got from me for treating Battlestar Galactica well by turning it down.) Anyway, I'm now caught up to the latest episodes that have been shown in the UK, and man, is my little fannish heart just incredibly happy. I love this show, and I love the new version just as much or more as I ever loved the original. It manages to hit all the familiar buttons Doctor Who always hit for me while simultaneously feeling very fresh and new and now. I wouldn't have believed they could pull that off this well, honestly.

If and when you find yourself with access to this show, watch it. If you're an old school Who fan, watch it. If you've never even seen Doctor Who, watch it. If you think Doctor Who is too cheesy, or too confusing, or for little kids... watch it. It's good. Would I steer ya wrong?

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