Friday, June 10, 2005

Completely Random and Almost Certainly Uninteresting Scraps of My Life

The entire universe is clearly conspiring to keep me from losing any more weight. Why else would the supermarket have buy-one-get-one deals on Marie Callender's pies? Not to mention the way my boss keeps bringing in cookies and then looking all disappointed if nobody eats them. I have this theory that she wants to make us physically incapable of wandering away from our workstations.


The people who bought my old trailer invited me to come over and see what they'd done with it. Looks like they're getting it fixed up pretty good. It felt weird to walk through it and not have to avoid any spots where you'd be likely to fall through the floor. I'm still really glad I don't live there any more, though.


I read somewhere that recent studies show that people who think they've had enough sleep feel a lot more awake and perform better than folks who are told by the nice people at the sleep labs that, yes, they really did have a bad night, even when they've gotten the exact same amount of sleep. I am therefore trying to tell myself that I've actually had plenty of sleep today, honest. Sadly, I don't seem to be falling for it. There ought to be some kind of sleep placebo I can take. Oh, wait, I know! Coffee!

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